Advanced Fields Screen

shelf screen

This allows customisation of each field, including adding and deleting custom fields.
Each Field has its own set of actions, the available fields are:

  • Title
  • Shelf
  • Date Released
  • Image
  • Rating
  • Owned
  • Viewed
  • Wanted
  • Series
  • Barcode
  • Loaned To
  • Actor
  • Format
  • Classification
  • Director
  • Studio
  • Genre
  • Description
  • Characters
  • Number of Discs
  • Title Color
  • DVD Sequence
  • Custom Fields
Refer to the Custom Fields Page for more details on each individual action Option (list) based fields can have their list values edited on the List Values Screen All Tag fields are grouped into the same area


Add Custom Field
add field

Adds a new Custom Field in the Advanced Fields Screen

Delete Custom Field
delete field

Deletes a Custom Field in the Advanced Fields Screen

Recover Custom Field

Recovers a lost custom field
This will check the historic settings to see if a custom field previously existed, and if so recover it
Will recover one custom field per usage
Also see Custom Fields Page

Filter Field List

To help find a field you can filter the list of fields displayed to all, all visible, all hidden, Tag (Y//N) fields, list (lookup) fields, other fields, or a specific field

Edit Name

Edits the displayed name of the field

Display Field

Hides or Shows the field, use this to not shoew fields you don't intend to use

Can Search Field

Controls if this field will be searched from the Search Screen

Edit List Values

For List based fields, allows editing of the values via the List Values Screen

Maximum Repeat Count

Controls the maximum number of entries that can be added for this field in the Edit Details Screen

Minimum Repeat Count

Controls how many entries are always displayed in the Edit Details Screen
This is ignored if the "compact/compressed Edit Details" Setting is enabled

Change Field Icon

For Tag fields, allows you to choose the icons to display for checked / not checked
tag fields

Clear Field Data

This will completely remove all values from all DVDs for this field

Dedicated Fields


Define your own Sequence numbers, which can be used to provide a custom sort
Defaults to the scanning sequence, you can use decimal numbers as well as whole numbers

Tracks (CD)

The Track listing for the DVD
track field

In the Edit details screen's Main Menu you can sort the tracks according to disc/track number


The Color field is used to change the Title color as it appears in the various DVDs Screens
characters field
Long press to change the color
pick color dialog
Touch the outer circles to select the background and foreground colors,
or select one of the preset colors under the circles,
The inner solid circles are the selected colors and is also previewed just above the buttons,
click the reset button, to remove all color highlighting

Custom Fields

Each custom field is listed after the built-in fields, each has the full set of actions (for its type)
Once created the type of a field cannot be changed
Refer to the Custom Fields Page for more information
For List types the values can be edited in the List Values Screen

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