Custom Fields

adv fields

Using the Advanced Field Screen you can add custom fields to the DVD details.

Each field has a set of actions which can be adjusted to change how the field is displayed and used.

Not all inbuilt fields have all actions, custom fields have all (applicable) actions:

Displayed underneath the name of the field, will be the type of the field


Add Custom Field
add field

Adds a new Custom Field in the Advanced Fields Screen

Delete Custom Field
delete field

Deletes a Custom Field in the Advanced Fields Screen

Recover Custom Field

Recovers a lost custom field
This will check the historic settings to see if a custom field previously existed, and if so recover it
Will recover one custom field per usage
Also see Custom Fields Page

Edit Name

Edits the displayed name of the field

Display Field

Hides or Shows the field, use this to not shoew fields you don't intend to use

Can Search Field

Controls if this field will be searched from the Search Screen

Edit List Values

For List based fields, allows editing of the values via the List Values Screen

Maximum Repeat Count

Controls the maximum number of entries that can be added for this field in the Edit Details Screen

Minimum Repeat Count

Controls how many entries are always displayed in the Edit Details Screen
This is ignored if the "compact/compressed Edit Details" Setting is enabled

Change Field Icon

For Tag fields, allows you to choose the icons to display for checked / not checked
tag fields

Clear Field Data

This will completely remove all values from all DVDs for this field

Types of Fields

The type of the field determines how the data is stored, displayed and edited.

small text

Small Text

A piece of small text, usually used for titles etc


Option (list)

The most common field type, a field for which you can select the text from a list of values

select value dialog

As you scroll down the larger lists you will be given an alphabetical index to help you navigate

The list values can be edited on the List Values Screen

Any new text saved is automatically added to the list

list and number

Option (list) and Number

Combines an option (list) input together with a numeric input (this is used for the series field)

For export and import the number is considered a seperate item, but linked via the field name


Tag (yes/no)

Used to indicated a yes/no decision, used for the Wanted, Owned and Viewed fields

All Tag fields are displayed together on the Edit Details Screen

For export and import this is a 1 (yes) and 0 (no) number



Allows input of a date (year, month and day)

For export and import this is text in the (sortable) format YYYY-MM-DD



Allows selecting between 0 and 5 stars

For export and import this is a number from 0 to 5

large text

Large Text

This provides a larger text area than the small text field

There may be more text than is currently visible in the box; use the keyboard arrows to move around the text

text and number

Small Text and Number

Combines an small text input together with a numeric input

For export and import the number is considered a seperate item, but linked via the field name



Displays the cover image of the DVD, this is only available as the built-in Image field



A numeric input


Track Listing

A combination of a disc/track number, a description and a duration

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