Privacy Policy for all Games and all Library Applications

The developer respects your privacy rights and recognizes the importance of protecting any information collected about you

Details of how the Apps access information and various functions is detailed below:

Collection and Use of Personal Information

We do not store information that allows direct association with any specific individual.

Instead, we use the Android Advertising ID (or cookies) and authentication ID in order to provide a cloud facility, show ads and collect usage information.

The authentication ID will link to the account used for authentication for accessing cloud backups and/or drive backups. The email and other personal data may be displayed on screen for information, but is NOT saved anywhere

No personal information is stored in the app directly, nor in the provided cloud facility.

When you use our app your device automatically sends certain information to our advertising partner(s). This information includes, for example, the name of the app, the device type, and the Android Advertising ID.

User Registration Terms

In order to access advanced features, including in app purchases and the drive / cloud backup facility, user registration is required.

User registration (authentication) functionality is supplied by Google Firebase Authentication services, this application only displays data supplied by Firebase and will never have access to passwords

* Google Firebase Authentication Services will collect a user's password, email address/phone number, and may make use of user agent, and IP address, for authentication purposes, and any such data stored by Google Firebase, and is not under the control or responsibility of this app

* this application does not retain any personal information (username etc) displayed from firebase

* Deletion of this user account will fully remove all cloud data and can be performed via the application or upon request, see HERE for detailed instructions

* By registering and using this facility you agree to the terms of this agreement

Google Firebase are not sharing any of your information with us, and are providing authentication services only. Please refer to their own policy guidelines if you have any question regarding the use they make of your data

Firebase policies


Advertisers who serve ads may use technology which can uniquely identify mobile devices to deliver better target messages and control number of times you get an Ad.
Ad Networks may access your unique device identifier through their own technologies and use it to target advertising to you

* No information from your device is retrieved by the application itself or the application developer

* Advertisers may make available links through advertisements or otherwise enabling you to access third party sites, services or games

* Applications use Third party ad services, including Google AdMob, Amazon, InMobi, StartApps, AppBrain

Please note that clicking on adverts may present websites, games or services which are not affiliated or controlled by the developers

Advertising Providers and their policies

Third Party Sites and Applications

* Links to external sites may be provided as part of the application, such links are provided as is, with no guarantee of the viability of the link or the content of the target website

Please note that, while using such sites, you are not affiliated with or controlled by us

Contacts and Accounts and Personal Data on the device

* No Apps have access to contact information, nor do they read or store any contact information

* No Apps have access to account information stored on the device

Phone Identity

* No applications read the name or phone number of this device


* The camera is used to scan barcodes, barcodes are decoded directly and no image is saved

* The camera can also be used to take a photo for use within the application, such images are only saved on the storage (see below), and the developer has no control or responsiblity over the image or its use thereafter

Storage and Media

* Various data and images are stored on the device storage for later use, this includes full backups of data entered by the user

* This data is not encrypted or secured

* No personal information is stored in this data

* Media access is granted to allow selection of pre-existing images in the gallery, such images are copied to the device storage for use by the application

* SD Card access will be requested to enable this

For data and images saved to the storage, the developer has no control or responsiblity over the image/file use once saved


* The applications have the ability to communicate over wifi

No connection to other devices is made without direct request from the user via the application


* The applications have the ability to communicate over bluetooth to the same application running on another device

* Once connected the two devices can transfer library data and images between the application

* Only data input by the user in the application will be transferred

No personal data is accesssed or transferred

The devices must be paired manually for the transfer to be possible, no automatic pairing of devices is undertaken

No connection to other devices is made without direct request from the user via the application

Google Play Services and Game Center

In some games you will may offered the possibility to connect to Google Play Service or the Game Center when you start the game

* This will let you fulfill achievements and post your best score on the leaderboards

Google are not sharing any of your information with us. Please refer to their own policy guidelines if you have any question regarding the use they make of your data

Policy Updates

We reserve the right to modify our Privacy Policy at any time simply by posting such modification on this site and without any other notification. Any such modification will be effective immediately upon posting on this site. It is your responsibility to review our Privacy Policy from time to time to ensure that you continue to agree with all of its terms.

Last Updated: 20 May 2020

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