Privacy Policy

User registration (authentication) functionality is supplied by Google Firebase Authentication services, this application only displays data supplied by Firebase and will never have access to passwords

Creation of an account to use these facilities confirms agreement with the privacy policy

The full privacy policy for all shelf apps can be found HERE

Removal of the account / data in the app

Backup and Restore

In the Settings Screen, in the Backup and Restore area:
Go into Cloud Backups, where you can:

  • Remove the cloud Data
  • Delete the account (data can also be removed)

  • Go into Drive Backups, where you can:

  • Delete the account (backup files will always be removed)

  • Note once the remove action is initiated, it cannot be stopped

    Cloud Data Removal

    Backup and Restore

    Email Help

    Cloud Data is only linked to your authorisation ID, not your email, the best way to remove this is via the application (as above)

    Email the developer, if you have any questions or need help with this process

    Account deletion, and drive backup deletion cannot be performed by the developer, as there is no developer access to this

    Drive Backup Removal

    Drive Application

    Go into the Drive App or Website, then into application files, locate the shelf application:

  • All backup files can be removed here
  • Access to drive can be removed here (will remove files automatically)

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