Dates Screen Overview

dates  screen

This screen displays the date settings for calculating tickets.




Calculates a new set of tickets, with the current Settings and Prices



Scrolls the calendar so today is visible


start date

Enter the start date of the calculations, the first ticket will not be before this date

date dialog

end date

Enter the end date of the calculations, must be within two years of the start date
Tickets will be calculated upto this date

date dialog

exact end

If selected, the last ticket will finish exactly on this date
If not the last ticket can go beyond this date


Changes how accurate the calculations are, vs how fast the calcualtions will be
In practice, more accuracy is better - as it will check more tickets for the cheapest

exact end

The number of consecutive days, for which a ticket is not required, that will always force a new ticket to be required
Use this for holiday gaps etc, to force tickets to not overlap the holidays
For example, If you set this to 2 then no tickets will overlap a weekend, 3 for bank holiday weekends, 4 for long weekends, 5 for full weeks etc

force days dialog

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