This allows customisation of the Game Library App, including changing the fields used/displayed
Settings are grouped together:

User Registration, GDPR and Privacy Policy

GDPR Data privacy/Ads Consent

Change your GDPR choice to control personalised or non-perosnalised Advertising

Privacy Policy

View the Privacy Policy for Apps

Sign into User Account

Signs into (or registers) a user account, required to enable cloud backups

Authentication services provided by Google Firebase (see the Privacy Policy pages)

Sign out

Signs out of the account, automatic cloud sync will stop, data is not deleted

Automatic Sign In Option

Determines if the Share - Cloud Backup requires confirmation of user account

Forgotten Password

A password reset email will be sent to the email registered with the account, provided by Google Firebase

Change Password

Changes the registered password, need to be signed in, re-sing in may be requested

Update Display Name

Updates the text only display name associated with the registered account, need to be signed in, re-sing in may be requested

Update eMail

Updates the email address associated with the registered account, need to be signed in, re-sing in may be requested

Delete Account

Fully deletes the registered account and all cloud backup data, once confirmed, this is non-reversible

Theme and Screen layout and Interactions

Select Theme

Selects which theme to use; the choices are light or dark, mono or not mono, the default is light, not mono

light theme       dark theme

Keep Screen On

When selected, keeps the phone screen on whilst the app is in use

Display Action Bar

Hides or shows the old style action/tool bar on the screens

Text Only Menus /
Show Menus as Text

Removes the icons on the top menu, and displays text menus instead (e.g. "+" becomes "Add")

Show Dates As /
Date Format

Changes the display of dates in the screens
select date format

Tag Icons

Display icons for the tag fields in all screens

Only Include / Count Played not owned

Played Games that are not owned, are not included when filtering or counted on the shelf screen

Individual Shelf Options

Each shelf uses it's own individual sort order and display settings on the Games Screen

Default Sort Order

Set the default sort order for the app on the Games Screen
This is used for new shelves / or shelves without indivudal sort orders set

Display Index for Games

Displays a right hand sidebar on the Games Screen to enable index scrolling

Assign List Fields

Changes which fields are show in the list views, see the Assign Fields Screen

assign fields

Hide "Unshelved" shelf

Hide the unshelved shelf, when it has no Games, on the shelf screen

Images in Lists

This allows images to be seen in the list

Grid View Image Size /
List View Grid Size

Changes the size of the Games in the grid view
select grid size

Hide Shelf Totals

Hide the second row totals for each shelf on the shelf screen

Exclude Wanted from Total

Items that are 'Wanted' do not count towards to the total number of Games for a shelf

Totals Location

Choose where the total Games number is displayed for each shelf on the shelf screen
total location

Overal Total Field /
"Total" field for shelf screen

Select the field that is shown as an overall total on the shelf screen
This can also be changed by pressing on the total on the screen

Compact Edit Views

Hides all empty fields in the Edit Details Screen

Large Description field

Use a larger edit box for description in the Edit Details Screen

Expand Edit Image

For (very) small images, expand to fit in the Edit Details Screen

Sequence Leading Zeros

Change the number of padding zeros displayed for the sequence number on the Edit Details Screen

Edit Field Order

Changes the order of the edit fields, drag the fields up/down into the order wanted
Note that the image, main dates, color, sequence and rating are all included as the image area

change field order

Reset Edit Field Order

Resets the field order used in the edit screen to the app defaults

Display Second Quicklist

Hides or Shows the second quicklist on the home screen

Display Third Quicklist

Hides or Shows the third quicklist on the home screen

Password on Startup

Sets a start-up password for the app, see Password Protection

type password for more info

First Startup Screen

Changes which screen is first shown when the app is started

auto start options

Restrictive Number Inputs

Controls how number input dialogs are controlled
Enabling this uses the more restrictive type of inputs, which, on devices that support it, enables numbers to be input in preference to letters
Disable this setting if you cannot switch to letters when inputting numbers (in series numbers, sequence etc)

Fields and Text Options

Advanced Options

Opens the Advanced Fields Screen for adjusting individual fields

including adding or deleting custom fields

Clean Lookup Values

Removes all values from all looukp lists that are not currently used for any Game

Use the Edit List Values option on the Advanced Field Settings to manage lists indivdually

Remove Non-Alpha Characters

This will remove extra non alpha chars from the start and end of the main fields (includning title and series)

Takes effect with next lookup or save

Uppercase Title

Uppercase the title

Takes effect with next lookup or save

Capitalize Title

Capitalizes every word in the title

Takes effect with next lookup or save

Capitilize Series

Capitalises every word in the series

Takes effect with next lookup or save

Remove Title Words

This removes fixed words from the start and end of the title, the words are 'the, an ,a'

Takes effect with next lookup or save

Ignore Series Text

This removes specific words from the series text

you can define as many words as you want, separate each with a comma

Takes effect with next lookup or save

Apply Clean Text

This immediately applies all clean options to all Games

You will be asked to confirm the action as it is not reversible

Set "Owned" Field

Automatically set the 'Owned' Field, for new Games

Set "Played" Field

Automatically set the 'Played' Field, for new Games

Set "Wanted" Field

Automatically set the 'Wanted' Field, for new Games

Update "Date Played"

Automatically update the Date 'Played' Field, when the tag is set and saved

Set Default "Format"

You can type a format than will be used to automatically set the 'Format' field for new Games

Scanning and Search Options

Larger Images

Try to download larger image files where available

Search By Title

When set compatible Lookups will use also attempt a match by title

Note this can sometimes lead to incorrect lookups

Longer Auto Search Delay

This alters the delay when typing before an automatic search is started on the Search Screen

Tick this if you find that automatic searches are being started too quickly/frequently

Search Order

Change the order (regions) of the sources, sources will be checked in the order specified

search order screen

Drag the regions up/down using the left hand side drag icon
You must tick a source to use it to lookup information
regions below "All" (if enabled) are disabled as "All" already includes them (in their default order)

Off When Roaming

Do not make any data connections of any type when roaming

Single Search Connectivity

For updates to a single Game
(lookup info, download image, upload to db etc)
connection level

Bulk Search Connectivity

For updates to many Games
(lookup missing info, download missing images, find images, search by title etc)
connection level

Background Search Connectivity

For updates that occur in the background (eg after a scan)
connection level

Background Cloud Sync Connectivity

For updates to the cloud (this can be more frequent / larger amounts of data), default is WiFi Only
connection level

Copy Barcodes to Clipboard

Copies each scanned code to the clipboard for future use

Existing Barcodes

Changes how existing codes are handled when scanning in new Games
existing codes

UPC only

This will only accept a valid UPC (not ISBN) during Scanning

If an invalid code is scanned, you will be prompted to re-scan

Keep Leading Zero

Includes the extra leading zero in the scanned code
Use this if you are regularly losing the zero from the barcodes

Barcode Scanner

Allows you to select which barcode scanner is used:
select scanner dialog
select inbuilt scanner (new)
select inbuilt scanner (old)
select inbuilt scanner (macro)
select zxing scanner
select pic2shop scanner
select phone dialog

Scanner Autofocus Interval

Changes the autofocus interval for the built-in scanner
Change this on phones which are having trouble focusing

App Settings (Misc, Image and Device Connect Settings)

Contact Developer

Email the developer for questions and futher help

Online App Info

Opens these help pages in the browser

Reset Tips

Reshow the tips that have been hidden (these are shown when opening files, or on informational prompts)

Advanced Key

You can enter an 'Advanced Key' if you have been provided one by the developer
The same key can be used for all library apps

Log To File

When set, writes a log file to the sd card for help with investigating problems
This is always reset when the app is restarted

Device Storage

Under the latest versions of Android, all the app data is moved to the /Android/data/com.dah.librarygame/files/
This allows it to be included in the google play backups, to enable easier transfer to new devices, and to ensure a clean removal of data on app uninstall
the only data saved outside of this location is for backup purposes (as above), which can be turned off (set Backup files To Keep to None), or any exports carried out by the user

Grant Device Storage Access

Give explicit permissions to the app to access device storage and SD card
this isn't normally required, only use if you are having trouble with backups or exports
You need to give access to the lowest folder for the device and SD card separately

grant internal access

SD Card:
grant SD access

Enable SAF

If backups or exports are failing, and you have re-selected the backup folder (above), you may need to enable SAF file accessible
this uses a slower way of accessing files on the device, you will probably also need to grant direct access to the root storage and SD card folders using "Grant Access" below

Device Connect over Wifi only

Only connect using Network/WiFi for Connect Devices

Longer Timeout

Allow more time for the devices to respond to each other
when scanning for other devices and when transferring data during Connect Devices actions

Bluetooth Discovery

Scans for new blueooth devices during a Connect Devices scan

Connect to any Library App

Scans for any type of library/shelf app during a Connect Devices scan
This only applies to network/wifi scanning and will cause the scan to take longer

App Language

Current Language

Select the current language used in the app
select lang

Check for Language Pack Updates

Connect to the central server to check for new languages or updates to language packs

Help Update Languages

Open the translation page to help update language entries

Language Packs

Download the latest language pack for the selected language
Available to download

App Updates

Check For App Updates

Checks to see if there are any updates for the app

Contact Developer

Email the developer for questions and futher help

In App Purchases

If supported by the app store, additional purchases/upgrades can be made directly here within the app

Remove Adverts Upgrade

If supported by the app store, enables a one-off purchase to permanently remove adverts for this app

Pro Mode Upgrade

If supported by the app store, enables a one-off purchase to permanently remove adverts and have unlimited cloud backup storage for this app

Cloud Storage Upgrade

If supported by the app store, enables a purchase to increase the cloud backup storage for this app

Available in multiple quantaties (100,500,1000,5000), can be purchased repeatedly

Backup & Restore

Cloud Sync Enabled

If the automatic cloud sync is enabled (updates approx hourly)

Full Backup to Storage

Backup settings and data and images to the backup location

if backups keep failing, re-select the backup folder using the location below

Backup Settings

Backup just settings

Backup Data

Backup just data

Backup Images

Backup just images

Backup Location

Change where the backups are saved/restored
You will be prompted to select the folder for backups, this can be on the SD card, all data/settings/images will backup to this single folder
The folder chosen should not be used for any other shelf app backups - use a different folder for each shelf app
The default path is the /gameshelf/backups on the internal storage
if backups keep failing, re-select the backup folder here
see also device storage below for more info on the where app data is kept
backup folder

Restore All

Restores settings then data
All settings and data and images will be overwritten with those from the backup location
You will be prompted to select a restore file, if you have more than one backup
restore select file
this can take a while for a lot of Games, please wait until it finishes
restore running

You will be asked if you want to force sync all the restored data to the changes, only choose yes if you also wish to fully overwrite everything in the cloud too

Restore Settings

Restores just settings
All current settings will be completely overwritten, please review after restore
You will be prompted to select a restore file, if you have more than one backup

Restore Data

Restores just data
Restore of data will replace all existing data, images will not be deleted
You will be prompted to select a restore file, if you have more than one backup

Restore Images

Restores just images
This will replace all images with those from the backup folder, images not in the backup folder will still be kept

Enable Fast Restore

Speeds up a restore by using more memory
untick if you have any restore errors

Auto Backup Interval

Perform backups automatically, at the selected interval
You will get a notification message when the backup occurs
backup interval
The time of the backup may vary, to avoid unnecessary use of the battery/waking of the phone
If your automatic backups stop (force close, sd card unloaded etc), start the app and they will resume

Backup Files To Keep

Keep this number of historic backups
This applies to both manual and automatic backups
setting this to none turns off backups

Backup Notification

If a notification is to be displayed when an automatic backup happens

Data Reset

Always Keep Images

Keeps an image, even when the Game is deleted

Delete Unused Images

Deletes immediately image files that do not link to a Game

Delete Hidden Field values

Deletes immediately all previous data values for fields that are hidden
(ie not shown in the edit screen - see Advanced Fields)
thus reducing the overall data size, and removing unwanted data

Delete All Games

Deletes all Games
All settings, list values (including shelf names) and image files will be kept

These deletes will be carried over to the cloud at the next sync, you may wish to update the cloud sync as well

Reset Settings

Resets all settings to their default values
custom fields will be lost (and therefore that data is no longer accessible)
Games, images and list values (including shelf names) will be kept

Delete All Images

This will delete all image files from storage
images from the web can be re-downloaded using the Download All Images menu option, if still available on the internet
images from the camera or gallery will be lost completely

Delete All Data

This will delete ALL data
all list values, including shelf names, will be lost
settings and image files will be kept

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