Cloud Backup Screen

From the share screen, you can choose to synchronize your data with a cloud based storage facility.

cloud screen

this requires the user to register an account in the app first, this account id is used to identify your data.
(authentication services provided by Google Firebase and your personal details are not stored in the cloud or kept by this app)

A free limit of 500 items (including images) can be synchronized, further items are available via App Updates in Settings, purchased via your app store.

The synchronize is based upon the unique id of your CD ensuring that data is kept exactly in alignment across multiple calls and multiple devices.

It is recommended to perform this with a Wifi connection, as the image transfer may transfer a large amount of data (automatic sync is limited to WiFi, as per Scan/Search Options in Settings)


Sync changes with cloud

Transfers latest changes from the device up to the cloud, and any changes in the cloud down to the device
this is equivalent to the automatic backup sync

Transfer everything TO the cloud

This transfers all data on the device to the cloud, overwriting and removing any other changes/data currently in the cloud facility
Effectively creating an exact copy of this data in the cloud
Recommended for a first ever sync with the cloud

Transfer everything FROM the cloud

This transfers all data from the cloud onto this device, overwriting and removing any other changes/data currently on the device
Effectively creating an exact copy of the cloud data on this device
Recommended for an initial sync with the cloud on a secondary device

Delete all cloud data

This will completely erase all data (and images) associated with this app in the cloud facility
Once confirmed it cannot be reversed
No data is changed within the app on the device

Deleting the associated user account (from Settings), has the same effect

Storage Status

Displays how much storage has been used in the cloud facility, also idcates the last time a completed sync happened
This will also indicate if thre are possibly any changes to be synchronized

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