Barcode Scanner


The preferred barcode scanner is the internal scanner or the ZXing App

This is one of the scanners which can handle multiple formats and 2-part codes

As a note, most of the ZXing App permissions are to allow it to Generate QR codes from your phones data,
The only permission used during scanning from the CD Library App App is 'Camera'

You can choose another scanner from the Settings Screen

Scanning Tips

  • Scan the barcode in good light
  • Keep the barcode horizontal to the phone camera
  • For thin books, comics etc, keep them flat, preferably on a flat surface
  • For 2-Part barcodes, center the scan near the bottom of the code, and tilt slightly (as in the image)
  • If using the built-in scanner and it has trouble focusing, try changing the autofocus interval in the Settings Screen
  • For devices without autofocus (eg Galaxy Tab 2), hold the device approx 10cm away from the barcode, in good light

2-Part Barcodes

A 2-part barcode is one where a smaller (2 or 5 digit) barcode is to the right of the main barcode

The are mostly used on magazines and comics where the main barcode represents the magazine and the smaller barcode is the issue

You can set the scanner to only accept 2-part codes in the Settings Screen

tow part options

Note if you force scanning with the 5 or the 2 options, only barcodes with these extra codes will be accepted during scanning

Autofocus Problems

Autofocus works differently on different hardware, therefore you may need to change which autofocus mode to use in the Settings Screen
On some hardware ,you can also touch the screen to focus

Ensure you have good light: for the built-in scanners, use the volume keys to turn the camera light on/off

Built-in scanner (autofocus)

This uses the latest version of continual autofocus, including for newer devices

Built-in scanner (old autofocus)

Uses a continual autofocus method supported in most devices

Built-in scanner (macro focus only)

This uses an older, macro level version of autofocus

ZXing Scanner

Uses the full ZXing barcode scanner, downloaded from Google Play
This scanner also has its own, more advanced, autofocus options
Use this if none of the built-in modes work

Pic2Shop Scanner

Uses the Pic2Shop barcode scanner, downloaded from Google Play
This scanner works well for fixed focus tablets (eg Tab 2) and for devices with focus issues
Does not support 2-part barcodes

Phone Scanner

often ZXing
Uses the phones default scanner, this may or may not be fully supported by the app

How to Reset the Phone's Default Barcode Scanner

1. Find the name of the app that is the current default scanner

This will be the app that starts when the barcode scanner is wanted

2. Navigate to the phones settings

Usually on the main menu of the home screen

3. Open Applications

Scroll down to find the scanning app

4. Go into the Apps Info

Press the App

5. Clear the 'Defaults' for the app

Scroll down to the 'Defaults' Area, there will be a 'Clear' button

6. All done

Next time you start a scan, you may be asked to set a new default scanner

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