Import Screen

import screen

This screen handles the actual Import of data in to the app.

At the start of the import you need to select the source data file.

Here you control which fields are imported, and which data fields map to which app fields:

Before you link the fields you need to select the source data file

Always check the entire list looking for hidden or new fields

The import will read the entire file in chunks,
if you get out of memory errors you may need to use smaller files


start import

Starts the import (saves the data)


Exits without saving

Select Source File

You will be prompted to find a file;

This will show the standard explorer app for you to pick the file to import (this can be on the SD card)

Import from Exports

Import one of the files previously saved in the exports/imports folders

file explorer app

Type file path

Type in the full path to the file

type filename

Import from clipboard

Only available if there is data on the clipboard

It is required to be in the same format as data saved to the clipboard

Importing Images

Import Images

You need to check the box to import images
Specify the location of the source images
note you actually need to select one on of the image files in the folder with the images to import.

Images will be copied from the selected folder to the main images folder

The imported file needs to contain an column named "_id_" to link to an image file

Importing Duplicates

Import Duplicates

Duplicate entries are detected on the barcode,
they are then not imported.
Ticking this option will allow duplicate barcodes to imported

Updating Existing Values

Update Existing Values

the data being imported will replace existing data in the app (new data will still be added)
You should only do this if the file being improted has been exported from this app, because the id field is app specific and will be used to do the updates

The imported file needs to contain an column named "_id_" to update existing values

Field Mappings

Each field in the source data needs mapping to the app fields.

file import field dialog

each field from the file is displayed as a seperate section
You can decide if the field is being imported at all
You can select which app field the data will go into
The app tries to automatically match data fields with app fields, based on various similarities

Fields that are currently hidden are indicated as [ field ]
If you import two data fields into one app field, the second data field will overwrite the first
If you don't import a shelf field, then the current shelf will be used

When Importing into a new field, a new custom field will be created for you
the name and type will be defined automatically, it is usually the list type
You will usually find it better to add the custom field before importing

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