There are various ways of sharing data from/into the app

Export data to file/email/clipboard on the device

Export data from the app to either a file on the device, as an attachment to an email, or to the device copy/paste clipboard
you can export single or multiple shelves, choosing export from an search/list screen also allows export of only those selected item
see the Share - Export Screen for detailed info

Import data from file/clipboard on the device

Import data into the app from either a file on the device, or from the device copy/paste clipboard
you can control which fields are imported, and which app field the import fields are saved to
see the Share - Import Screen for detailed info

Synchronize/backup to the cloud storage facility

Synchronises with a copy of the data (and images)in the cloud facility
registration is required to enable the synchronization to be be maintained across multiple devices
see the Share - Cloud Screen for detailed info

Connect to another device over WiFi or Bluetooth

Connects with another device to transfer data/backups (and images) directly between them
requires the devices to both be running the app and close to each other
see the Share - Connect Screen for detailed info

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