Why Tidy The Data?

The data comes from multiple sources
This means that not all fields are always filled consistently
It can also mean similar spellings of what is basically the same data
The majority of the data is in lists, so cleaning the lists makes the app easier to use

What Can I Tidy?

Each list can be manually tidied individually

The Title and Series Text can be cleaned for consistency

The Artist Name Format can be adjusted for consistency

How Do I Tidy The Lists

Remove unused values

From The Settings Screen
Choose Clean Text Options
Choose Remove unused Values
This will remove all lookup values which are not currently used

Edit List Values

From The Settings Screen
Choose Advanced Fields
For the Field you want to tidy; choose Edit List Values
list values screen
You can delete unused values, merge values together or rename values
Remember, you cannot do anything with the 'Not Defined' value

How Do I Clean the Title and Series Text

Apply Clean Options

From The Settings Screen, Fields Option
Choose Clean Text Options
Change one of the various clean options:

Capitalise title

Remove series words

Capitalise series

Ignore series text

Apply all of these the clean settings to all CDs in one go

Remember, you can also edit the individual Series List Values

How Do I Adjust The Artist's Name Format

Reverse Artist Name

From The Settings Screen
Choose Clean Text Options
Choose Reverse Artists Name option to change the format of the Artist's Name

This will bring the names into alignment

Remember, you can also edit the individual Artist's List Values

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