Prices Screen Overview

prices header
prices screen

This screen displays the tickets in a vertical scrolling area.

You can see:

  • Duration of the ticket (week, month etc)
  • Ticket code (W, M etc)
  • Price of a ticket
  • If the ticket is used or not

Touch Actions

Swipe to get the Calendar Screen to the left of this screen

Pressing a price will bring up the Edit Price Dialog for that price

Phone Buttons

The Menu button provides a list of actions available

The Back button exits the app

Adverts / Donate

Adverts can be removed by Donating to get an advanced key

Action Buttons

left calculate

Calculates a new set of tickets, with the current Settings and Prices


This will automatically scroll to the Calendar Screen


Get help for the current page

You will be prompted for online or offline help:

help dialog

You can always use offline help via the Options screen

Main Menu

Accessed by pressing the menu button.


Calculates a new set of tickets, with the current Settings and Prices

- this is the same as pressing the 'Calculate' action button


- this will automatically switch to the Calendar Screen


Opens the Options Screen

app info

Displays help options

help menu

You can email the developer directly, or donate for an advanced key

App Help is available either online or offline

help choice

The Offline Help App will prompt for installation if not already installed (its approx 11mb)

Offline help can be turned on by default in the Options Screen

Choosing Quick Tips displays the Info Screen

app info

You can also see more info on the Info Page

Edit Price Dialog

edit price

You can edit each ticket to:

Set the price of the ticket (0 price tickets will not be used in calculations)

Select if a ticket is used in calculations

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