Select Image Screen Overview

select image screen

This screen displays a set of images for the current Game.

This dialog will be displayed whilst searching the web for possible images

loading image

Images will load in the background,
you can exit the dialog using the back key when you see an image you want

Missing Images are indicated by noimage

Touch Actions

Pressing an image will give you a menu with actions for that image

Phone Buttons

The Search button provides access to the Game Library App quick search functionality

The Back button takes you back to the Edit Details Screen

Image Menu

Accessed by pressing on an image.

select image title  
select this image

Chooses the selected image, returns to the Edit Details Screen where the image will be displayed

view image

Views the selected image using the Gallery Viewer (opens up in new screen)

reload image

This will re-download the image

If it still fails then there is a problem with the image link (or you have no data connection)

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