Help App Screen Overview

help screen

This screen displays help for the Book Library App

Accessed From

The main menu on all main screens or from the action toolbar (where displayed)

Touch Actions

Pressing the 'Web View' / 'Mobile View' buttons switch between the normal web layout and an optimized mobile layout

Pressing the 'Home Page' button takes you to the home page for the Book Library App

Pressing the 'Select App' button takes you to a page where you can select the shelf app

Phone Buttons

The Menu button provides a list of actions available

The Back button takes you back to the Previous Help page, you will be prompted to exit the app when there are no more pages

Adverts / Donate

Adverts can be removed by Donating to get an advanced key

Main Menu

Accessed by pressing the menu button.


Goto the previous help page


Goto the next help page


Goto the Home page for the Book Library App


Refreshes the current help page

exit help

Exits the help app (you will be prompted to confirm exit)


Displays the settings for the help app

general settings
adv key

Here you can enter your advanced key or Donate to the developer

See the Settings Page for more details

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