Find & Add Books Screen Overview

find and add screen

This screen allows you to search for sets of Books by title or series or Author

For each Book you can see:

  • Title of the Book
  • The Book Image (if images are enabled)
  • The Series Name and Number
  • The Release Date
  • The Author
  • An icon representing if this Book is already your shelves

Each Book can be selected (ticked)

The action buttons are used to control most of this screen

Touch Actions

Pressing the 'Title'/'Series'/'Author' will change what you are searching for

Pressing the 'Search' button will start a search

Long Pressing a Book will give you a menu with actions for that Book

Phone Buttons

The Menu button provides a list of actions available to all Books

The Search button provides access to the Book Library App quick search functionality

The Back button takes you back to the previous screen

Action Buttons

left match by
Code & Title
All / New
select all
Select All
right     search

This button, which is always visible, starts the search

searching dialog

if you choose to cancel the lookup, the Books found so far will be shown:

cancel lookup dialog

cancelling the lookup again will not display any Books

match by

This toggles between the 'Code & Title' and 'Title Only' matching modes

Which controls how the listed Books are matched to your existing Books


Allows you to select the source region used for finding Books

source dialog

show all

Toggles between showing all found Books

And just those that have not been matched to Books found in the shelves

select all

Selects (ticks) all found Books that have not been matched

Choosing this option again unticks all Books

add selected

Adds all selected (ticked) Books to your shelves

confirm add dialog


Toggle showing of images

Note that all images will have to downloaded from the sources

This may involve a large amount of data usage, you will be prompted to confirm first

confirm images dialog


Launches App Help for the current screen

App Help is available either online or offline

help choice

The Offline Help App will prompt for installation if not already installed (its approx 11mb)

Offline help can be turned on by default in the Settings Screen

Main Menu

Accessed by pressing the menu button.

add selected

Adds all selected (ticked) Books to your shelves

confirm add dialog


Opens the Search Screen or searches for Books in various ways

See the Search Page for more details
find dialog


Opens the Settings Screen

Book Item Menu

Accessed by long pressing on a found Book.

Book title  

Selects the current Book


Adds the Book to your shelves

view details

Downloads basic details of the Book
and displays them on the Edit Screen as per a new Book

view matches

Starts the Search Screen to view the matches for this Book

find on web

Search for the selected Book on the web

See the Search Page for more details

reload image

If images are shown, reloads the image for this Book

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