Filtered Books Screen Overview

Books screen

This screen displays all Books that matched the filter requested.

For each Book you can see:

  • Title of the Book - top line
  • The Rating
  • The Book Image (if list images are enabled)
  • The Series Name and Number
  • The Release Date
  • The Author
  • The Shelf Name
  • Icons for tags and if loaned (if icons enabled)

Touch Actions

Pressing the 'Add Book' button will take you to a blank Edit Details Screen

Pressing a Book will take you to the Edit Details Screen for the selected Book

Long Pressing a Book will give you a menu with actions particular to that Book

Pressing the 'Switch View' button will switch between List View and Grid View

Long Pressing the 'Switch View' button allow you to choose the size of the Grid View

Phone Buttons

The Menu button provides a list of actions available to all Books

The Search button provides access to the Book Library App quick search functionality

The Back button takes you back to the Previous Screen

List and Grid Views

grid view

Switches the view into Grid mode

grid view

Note you will need 'Images Visible In the List' enabled in Settings Screen to see images.

The title and the series number will be displayed if no image is available,
custom colors will only be seen if there is no image.

list view

Switches the view back into List mode

grid size

Long press on the 'View' button to select the size of the grid images

This is the same as choosing the size in Settings Screen

If you have 'Individual Settings' enabled then this will be remembered for this view only

fast scroll

If fast scroll is enable in the Settings Screen
You will see this button appear when scrolling
Dragging this will allow you to move around the list faster

Action Buttons

Standard Mode left menu
scan & add
Scan & Add
Multi Mode left cancel

Displays the main menu, this can be hidden from the Settings Screen

multi   multi

Change into multi mode and back out again


Works as per the menu Add, displaying a dialog to choose what to add

add from shelf dialog

scan & add

Scan & Add multiple Books

scan in

Quick Update Books, as the menu option

You will be prompted for what to update:

quick update dialog

scan out

Lookup info for Books, as the menu option


Starts the export or import process
or starts Connect to other device process

export import menu


Starts the Search Screen


Starts the Settings Screen


Changes the shelf name


Deletes the selected items

Main Menu

Accessed by pressing the menu button.


Add Book - this is the same as pressing the 'Add Book' action button

You will be presented with various add choices:

items add new dialog

You can start the Edit Details Screen to add a new Book

You can type a Book title or an ISBN to add it to the current shelf immediately:

add new Book dialog

You can Find & Add Books by Title or Series or Author

find and add screen

scan and add

Repeatedly scans an ISBN and adds it to the current shelf

If an ISBN already exists, a new Book will not be added

An information lookup will be triggered for each new item scanned (in the background)

See the Scanning Page for more details on scanning barcodes


Scans an ISBN then displays the Edit Details Screen

An information lookup will be triggered as soon as the Edit Details Screen is displayed

See the Scanning Page for more details on scanning barcodes


Opens the Search Screen or searches for Books in various ways

See the Search Page for more details
find dialog


Select the order the Books are displayed:

sort dialog

Series: Sorts by the Book Series name and number

Title: Sorts by the Book Title

Series/Title: Sorts by a combination of Series (if set, otherwise Title), Series Number

the series text is cleaned before sorting - removing 'a', 'the' etc.

This is a good choice when not all Books have a Series

Author: Sorts by the Author

Released Date: Sorts by the Released Date

Rating: Sorts by the Rating(if field is visible)

Genre: Sorts by the Genre (if field is visible)

Sequence: Sorts by the Sequence (if field is visible)

The list will then be further sorted by Series/Title as appropriate


Pressing 'More' gives you these additional menu choices

library scanning

Scan to loan out/return Books
library dialog
You will be prompted who to loan the Book out to
library dialog
>loan type dialog

lookup all info

This will check each Book and attempt to fill any missing information

You will first need to select which Books to update:

what to update dialog

The update is much faster over a wifi connection:

updating dialog

reload missing images

This will check each Book to see if it's image is present, if not it will attempt to download the image

noimage is shown whilst the image is loading

Missing Images are indicated by noimage

This is a good way of reloading the images after an Import

If a image is still missing, see the Images Page for more info

The update is much faster over a wifi connection:

updating dialog

quick update all

Quickly updates all Books in the list
quick update all dialog

home screen

Assign this view out to to the Home Screen as one of the shortcut views

If you select one of the random lists, then a set of random Books will be shown on the Home Screen

home menu

connect devices

This will enable you to connect to the app on another device

So you can transfer data and shelves

You will need both devices to be on the same network, The transfer is much faster over a wifi connection

export and import

You can start the Export Process to export all Books for the current shelf

or starts the Import Process to import new Books

export and import dialog


Opens the Settings Screen

Book Item Menu

Accessed by long-pressing on a Book.

Book title  
edit Books

Opens the Edit Details Screen, to edit the Book

rename  Book

Changes the name of the selected Book:

rename Book dialog

quick update

Quickly update any tag field and the loaned field:

quick update dialog

You can also see who has been loaned a Book and return it:

quick update dialog


Quickly move the selected Book to a different shelf:

change shelf dialog

You can also type the name of a new Shelf using the 'New Shelf' button

lookup info

Lookup missing info for this Book

The update is much faster over a wifi connection:

updating dialog

copy Book

Duplicates the Book, you can enter a new Title:

copy Book dialog

A New ISBN will be given to the Book

This will be the ISBN suffixed with a .1 or .2 etc, depending on how many copies of the barcode already exist

This allows import/export to still function on copies of Books

delete  Book

Allows deletion of a Book, you will be asked to confirm the delete

upload book

Uploads the selected book to our database, an ISBN is required

This helps keep the shelf apps upto date for new/rare Books that aren't usually being found

view description

Quickly view the full Book description:

view description dialog

find on web

Search for the selected Book on the web

See the Search Page for more details

refresh image

This will update the displayed image (only available if Images are visible)

reload image

This will download the image (only available if Images are visible, and an image link is set)

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