Edit Details Screen Overview

edit details screen

This screen allows you to edit the details for a DVD.

Here you can see all fields currently visible, including:

  • Title of the DVD
  • The Shelf Name
  • The Series Name(s) and Number
  • The Barcode
  • The DVD Image
  • The Date that the DVD was added
  • The Release Date
  • All option fields, including Wanted, Owned and Viewed
  • Sequence
  • Loaned
  • Actor
  • Format
  • Classification
  • Director
  • Studio
  • Genre
  • Description
  • Characters
  • Title Color
  • All custom fields
  • the ID of the DVD

Refer to the Custom Fields Page for more info on each field type

Touch Actions

Pressing the 'Save' button will save all changes made, and return to the previous screen

Pressing the 'Cancel' button will undo all changes made, and return to the previous screen

Pressing any field will edit the value for that field

for some items there are multiple sub-details that can be edited (see advanced fields)

Pressing the image will give you a menu with actions for the image

Pressing the title color area will give you allow you to select the color used for title in the list/gridviews

Phone Buttons

The Menu button provides a list of main actions available

The Search button provides access to the DVD Library App quick search functionality

The Back button takes you back to the Previous Screen



Enabled from the settings menu

expand up

Collapses the display area to hide edit areas which don't have any data

expand down

Expands the display area to show and hidden edit areas which didn't have any data



If you have made any changes you will be asked to confirm before exiting and losing the changes

cancel edit dialog

Lookup Lists


Option Lists

Most fields allow you to select the text from a list of values

As you scroll down the larger lists you will be given an alphabetical index to help you navigate

select value dialog

The list values can be maintained via the List Values Screen

Any new text saved is automatically added to the list

Main Menu

Accessed by pressing the menu button.

copy DVD

Duplicates the DVD, you can enter a new Title:

copy DVD dialog

A New Barcode will be given to the DVD

This will be the Barcode suffixed with a .1 or .2 etc, depending on how many copies of the barcode already exist

This allows import/export to still function on copies of DVDs


Scans a Barcode into the Barcode field

will confirm a change to Barcode before updating the text

See the Scanning Page for more details on scanning barcodes

lookup info

Attempts to fill in DVD data by looking up info from the web

You first need to choose which data to update:

lookup type dialog

You may need to decide how much of the web to search:

(this can be set to always be 'Full' in the Settings Screen)

lookup mode dialog

The time to do the lookup varies by how many fields are needed,

how quickly the fields are completed and how much of the web is searched:

lookup mode dialog

when the lookup is complete, any fields will be updated

If you chose to replace existing data and data was not found for some fields, then those fields will be cleared

if you choose to cancel the lookup, the data found so far will be updated:

cancel lookup dialog

cancelling the lookup again will not update any fields

find on web

Search for the selected DVD on the web

See the Search Page for more details


Deletes the DVD, you will be asked to confirm the delete

you will be taken back to the previous screen if deleted


Pressing 'More' gives you these additional menu choices


Shares DVD details with another phone application

First choose which information to share: ('Main Fields' excludes any custom fields)

share fields dialog

Then choose which app to share them with:

share app dialog

The data is shared as one line per field (refer to import formats)

copy to clipboard

Copies DVD details to the phones clipboard

You can choose which information to copy ('Main Fields' excludes any custom fields)

clipboard fields dialog

The data is copied as one line per field (refer to import formats)

upload dvd

Upload this dvd to the our source database


Opens the Settings Screen

email barcode

Email the barcode to the developer

This can be used to let the developer know that a barcode didn't lookup any info
this can then be looked into by the developer, and possibly, a new source found

Image Menu

Accessed by pressing on the image.

menu title  
view image

Views the image using the Gallery Viewer (opens up in new screen)

select new image

This allows you to pick an image from the gallery

A smaller image of the picture chosen will be a copied to the app

Refer to Images Page for more information

choose web image

This allows you to pick an image from several web choices using the Select Image Screen

Refer to Images Page for more information

take picture

This starts the camera, so you can take a picture of the DVD

Refer to Images Page for more information

type image link

This allows you edit the web address used for the image:

type image link dialog

Once accepted, the new image will be downloaded

delete image

This will delete the current image

crop image

This will open the in-built gallery's crop function to crop the image

If the crop function is not available, you will be prompted to edit the image as below

edit image

This will start an external app to edit the current image

select image editor

You will need to save any edits to the same file

reload image

This will re-download the image

noimage is shown whilst the image is loading

Missing Images are indicated by noimage

If it still fails then there is a problem with the image link (or you have no data connection)

Select Color Dialog

Accessed by pressing on the title color area.

select color

Selects to title text foregorund and background colors for display in the list/grid views

Touch the outer circles to select the background and foreground colors,
or select one of the preset colors under the circles,

The inner solid circles are the selected colors and is also previewed just above the buttons,

click the reset button, to remove all color highlighting

list image

In the list view the title block is colored accordingly

grid image

In the grid view the whole item is colored,
but only for items which don't have images

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