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Original TextTranslationActions
Text: (file) Translation: 

Text: (not displayed) Translation: 

Text: 12 digit barcodes get leading 0's Translation: 

Text: 2 part barcode not detected, please re-scan Translation: 

Text: 2 Part Barcodes (12+5/2) Translation: 

Text: 2 quick lists will be shown on the home screen Translation: 

Text: 2-Part Barcode Translation: 

Text: 3G or Higher Connection Translation: 

Text: A newer version is available: Translation: 

Text: Add Translation: 

Text: Add Translation: 

Text: Add Translation: 

Text: Add all missing {items} from each device to the other device Translation: 

Text: Add All Selected? Translation: 

Text: Add all {items} from other device that are missing on this device Translation: 

Text: Add all {items} from this device that are missing on the other device Translation: 

Text: Add Book Translation: 

Text: Add Book Translation: 

Text: Add Book Translation: 

Text: Add By Translation: 

Text: Add Field Translation: 

Text: Add New Field Translation: 

Text: Add New Shelf Translation: 

Text: Add New Value Translation: 

Text: Add new {items} to other device (no duplicates at all) Translation: 

Text: Add Selected Translation: 

Text: Add Shelf Translation: 

Text: Add Shelf Translation: 

Text: Add Shelf Translation: 

Text: Add shelf TO other device Translation: 

Text: Add Value Translation: 

Text: Add {items} Translation: 

Text: Add {items} to shelf on other device (no duplicates within the shelf) Translation: 

Text: Add {title}? Translation: 

Text: Add/delete custom fields Translation: 

Text: Add/delete lookup values Translation: 

Text: Added book: Translation: 

Text: Added field: Translation: 

Text: Added shelf: Translation: 

Text: Added value: Translation: 

Text: Advanced Field Options Translation: 

Text: Age Restriction Translation: 

Text: All Translation: 

Text: All Translation: 

Text: All Fields Translation: 

Text: All Fields Translation: 

Text: All Fields Translation: 

Text: All image files have been deleted Translation: 

Text: All images will be downloaded from the internet!
Consider only displaying if you have a WiFi Connection! 

Text: All Items Translation: 

Text: All Screens Translation: 

Text: All Shelves Translation: 

Text: All Shelves Translation: 

Text: All {items} Translation: 

Text: All {items} Translation: 

Text: All {items} have been returned Translation: 

Text: Allow all duplicates Translation: 

Text: Allow more time before a connection times out Translation: 

Text: Allow Two Part Codes (5/2 Digits) Translation: 

Text: Allows a larger space to the right of the detail inputs Translation: 

Text: Allows empty fields to be expanded/collapsed from view in the edit details screen Translation: 

Text: Allows more Apps for selecting files, use this if you're file manager is not visible or not allowing you to select files Translation: 

Text: Also searches for unpaired devices when scanning for bluetooth connections Translation: 

Text: Always also perform a lookup by title Translation: 

Text: Always ask before search/download Translation: 

Text: Always do background searches Translation: 

Text: Always do background searches (Scan etc) Translation: 

Text: Always Keep Images Translation: 

Text: Always Lookup By Title Translation: 

Text: Always perform a full (longer) lookup search Translation: 

Text: Always search/download Translation: 

Text: Always type the missing 2nd barcode part, if not detected during scanning Translation: 

Text: Always use Full Search Translation: 

Text: Always use offline help Translation: 

Text: Any Shelf App Translation: 

Text: App Folder on Storage Translation: 

Text: App Help Translation: 

Text: App Info Translation: 

Text: App Language Translation: 

Text: App not found, please install {app} Translation: 

Text: App Settings Translation: 

Text: App/Download Info Translation: 

Text: Apply Clean Text Options Translation: 

Text: Applying Clean Text Options... Translation: 

Text: Assign List Fields Translation: 

Text: Assign List Fields Translation: 

Text: Attempt ISBN from UPC Translation: 

Text: Authors Translation: 

Text: Auto Backup Translation: 

Text: Auto-Backup Interval Translation: 

Text: Back Key in Multi Mode Translation: 

Text: Background Translation: 

Text: Background Searches Translation: 

Text: Backing Up Data
Do not exit until complete 

Text: Backup Translation: 

Text: Backup Translation: 

Text: Backup And Restore Translation: 

Text: Backup complete Translation: 

Text: Backup Data Translation: 

Text: Backup Data and Settings Translation: 

              100.46% translated       

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